Featured Games and Designers

We are lucky to have local game designers joining us! If you’re at KennyCon, you’ll get to experience some great games and talk with the creative minds behind them!

We’re honored to have the team from Studio Unknown Games at KennyCon, showcasing their brand new game Ultramassive, soon to be on Kickstarter.

Check out Ultramassive on their site, and keep up with the latest.

We are happy to announce that “A Town Called Despair” (available to back on Kickstarter through March 13th!!) and “Urban Insanity“, two games created by local game developer Larry Grayson, will be available for play at KennyCon.

Travis Deere of Lime Green Games is going to be showing off his game Paper Trail. Let’s sneak some notes during class or be the teacher trying to catch those miscreants!

The Backstabbers Board Game team will be coming to show off their Kickstarter project, the self titled ‘Backstabbers‘. Dungeons and Dragons meets Rock, Paper, Scissors. Easy to learn, tons of strategy!

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